International Art Biennale Award Winner Richard Bourne

Art Biography (updated March 2019)

Richard Bourne is an English born painter from the Sussex/Surrey/London region who has been living predominantly in Cologne, Germany for the last three and a half years. Prior to this Richard lived in both Malta and Gozo for ten years. Richard has been working on some innovative concepts within his work that includes food on canvas, acrylic on sponge, acrylic on canvas and oil on canvas. He initially began working on smaller sized canvas but now favours working on superior canvas up to four metres wide principally in an abstract style that was further exhibited to the public in 2015 at the Government Exhibition Halls in Victoria.

In 2009 Richard won the prestigious International Art Biennale Award for his 2.25 metre square painting ‘Live Life Connections’. This was a truly innovative idea and incorporated 68 people from Malta onto a 2.25 metre square canvas with each person randomly choosing their own square and colour from two hats. The work also included three elements of Maltese cultural emblems incorporated into the painting to showcase the broad colours of Malta as a whole and the piece is a tribute to the islands. This was the third in a line of random concepts Richard is engaged in within art and was first shown at his successful Portomaso Exhibition in 2009.

There are other concepts that incorporate boards and follow a sporting path as well as quite a number of paintings that take on a specifically random element. Some of these have been shown in the two art galleries that Richard was involved with namely the Ta Nikol Gallery in Gozo and the Mill Room Studio Gallery in Victoria between the years of 2012 to 2014. These concepts at some juncture will probably find their own exhibition in due course.
Richard has recently been working on major pieces with the knowledge of the famous Swiss music artists Yello. Also British music band Depeche Mode has been used as a source of inspiration as well as painting pieces within his ‘Canvas Music’ concept of which more details can be found on the ‘What is Canvas Music?’ page. Richard under his real name Richard Rogers has also found a pioneering way of writing songs from the 'Canvas Music' paintings and of producing remixes too. The first two released songs using this idea were the songs 'Obsession' and 'I Rode That Tide With The Starry-Eyed' from the Racecar/Karel Fialka album 'Peace v War' in 2016 although songs were written using this method by Bourne prior to this release.

With various successful exhibitions already under his belt Richard had an extensive exhibition of his ‘Canvas Music’ concept for the full month of September 2015 at the Government Exhibitions Halls in Victoria in Gozo and various music artists whose work was on display appeared in person at the exhibition.

Richard Bourne Art Exhibitions

2008   The Palace, Malta                                          Solo Exhibition of 40 works

2008   Grand Hall Concert + Exhibition                 An Exhibition of Bourne’s work in conjunction
                                                                                     with music by Japanese composer Hiroki Okano

2009   ‘Ace’ Film Fashion Show Exhibition            Solo Exhibition of 6 works

2009   Le Meridien Villa Exhibition                         Various Works

2010   Hilton Hotel, Portomaso Exhibition           Solo Exhibition of 30 works

2011   Pledgers Restaurant, Malta                         Short Exhibition

2013   Ta Nikol Art Gallery, Gozo                           Full Exhibition of works

2014   Mill Room Gallery, Gozo                              Full Exhibition of Works

2015   Government Exhibition Halls, Gozo          Solo Exhibition of ‘Canvas Music’ works

Further information on Richard's music, book and poetry work under the name Richard Rogers can be found at the following website:

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