Richard Bourne Art

'Canvas Music' paintings and exhibition 2015

Above you will find some of the 'Canvas Music' pieces in addition to a selection of photographs taken from the exhibition at the Government Ministry Gozo Halls in September 2015 which was extended and transferred to the Ghajnsielem Tower until the 16th October 2015.

Paintings of songs by artists included in the exhibition included the following artists:

Depeche Mode (12 pieces)

Amy Winehouse (2 pieces)

Coldplay (1 piece)

John Lennon (1 piece)

Madonna (1 piece)

The Doors (2 pieces)

Eric Clapton (1 piece)

Snow patrol (1 piece)

Yello (2 pieces)

U2 (2 pieces)

Kylie minogue (1 piece)

David Bowie (1 piece)

Radiohead (1 piece)

Muse (1 piece)

Michael Jackson (1 piece)

Shirley Bassey (1 piece)

Gary Numan (1 piece)

Yazoo (2 pieces)

Maroon 5 (1 piece)

Racecar (1 piece)

Squeeze (1 piece)

Nik Kershaw/Chesney Hawkes (1 piece)

Karel Fialka (1 piece)

Bruce Springsteen (1 piece)

Ira Losco (1 piece)

Winter Moods (2 pieces)

Airport impressions (1 piece)

Gallery + List of Music Artists